Xsigo addresses the needs of next-generation data centers with dynamic connectivity. Connect any server to any network or storage device in seconds, and manage connectivity on the fly to meet changing application requirements



  • Dynamically connect servers to networks and storage
  • Up to 40 Gbps per server connection
  • Single cable consolidates Ethernet and Fibre Channel links
  • 50% less cost than legacy infrastructure


Virtualized Infrastructure

The Xsigo I/O Director is a hardware and software solution that lets you dynamically connect everything in your data center -- servers, networks, and storage -- without the limitations of legacy networking technologies.


Xsigo consolidates Ethernet and Fibre Channel connections to a single high speed cable -- up to 40 Gbps per link. Instead of connecting resources manually, Xsigo lets you create connections dynamically in software -- up to 64 isolated connections per device.


The result is rapidly configurable server connectivity, faster application performance, and a much simpler, more reliable infrastructure with 70% fewer hardware components and up to 50% less capital cost.






Fast, Any-to-Any Connectivity

Xsigo lets you connect any X86 server to any network and storage device, in seconds, regardless of the vendor or the connection type.


In this wire-once infrastructure, you connect each server to the I/O Director via a single cable that delivers up to 40 Gbps throughput. Networks and storage connect to the I/O Director via standard Ethernet and Fibre Channel links. You can then create isolated Ethernet and Fibre channel connections from servers to any data center resources in real time, even on live servers. 









100X Greater Agility

You need to get the most from your resources, and Xsigo's dynamic I/O helps you do just that. Re-purpose assets quickly using Xsigo's intuitive user interface and rich management feature set. Xsigo makes it easy to deploy assets when and where they are needed.


  • Single-screen I/O management across the data center
  • Create connections via drag-and-drop
  • Create templates for repeatable configurations







Saves Cost on Day One
Xsigo converges the infrastructure to save you money on day one. After that, the Xsigo I/O Director delivers further savings with streamlined management. Because Xsigo lets you dynamically connect any server to any network and storage, you can dynamically re-provision assets, achieve greater efficiency, and save on space, power and cooling.



Open Standards-Based

Built on open standards, and proven interoperable across systems from all leading vendors, the top-of-rack Xsigo I/O Director integrates easily with existing servers, networks, and SANs.

  • Achieve infrastructure convergence without vendor lock-in
  • Re-use the gear you already have
  • Deploy with blade and rack servers from all vendors


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